With the spring dating season now upon us, and the Olympic craziness behind us, it is a GREAT time to meet someone new.  Professional dating services such as Executive Search Dating have never been busier!   Here are 4 reasons why Vancouver singles should soon expect their dating lives to SPRING in to life: 
  1. Reverse 'cocooning': as the days get lighter and longer, singles naturally start thinking about getting out there and meeting someone new.  As most singles are feeling the same boost, it can also be easier to approach someone new at this time of year.
  2. The dawn of the 'Patio Season': finding a warm and dry patio during the winter months can be a challenge, whereas the spring season brings outdoor restaurant and bar patios to life making it an ideal place to meet someone new.
  3. Less clothing, more flirting: let's be honest, it's hard to flirt in a parka!  As days (and evenings) get warmer, layers of clothing come off making it a much better time to flirt and be flirted with.  Flirting is an effective and time honoured way of connecting with singles of the opposite sex.
  4. The NHL Playoffs: with the Vancouver Canucks looking set to play deep into this year's NHL playoffs, the city is sure to be rife with 'Canuck fever'.  If you are a single Canuck fan, there is no better way to meet someone new than at a sports lounge or pub showing the hockey game on the big screen.  If hockey is not your thing, fake it for the next few months!