When you're on a date, chemistry matters. But what makes chemistry happen? Is it looks? Or personality? Or scent, smile, conversation, or just blind luck. The answer: yes! But whatever the situation, you can INCREASE the chances of real chemistry happening by what you SAY on your date. But what exactly should you say? These 4 things:
  1. "You":  the most powerful word in the English language is 'you'. Why? Because by saying it you're sending a message that your date matters to you. The more your date feels like you care about them (not just yourself), the greater will be the chances of a successful first date, and beyond.
  2. "I agree":  a good conversation doesn't always have to be agreeable, but on a first or second date it should be. Avoid dicey subjects like politics, relationships or family, and find subjects you both love talking about: travelling, movies, food, music, etc.
  3. "You look fantastic":  a sincere compliment goes a long way, especially when you've just met someone. But here's the catch - it has to be sincere. Find something you like about them (their attire, scent, shoes, etc.). If you can't find one single thing to compliment them about, consider it a bad sign - for you & them.
  4. "I'm having a great time":  if your dates going well, tell them so! No need to wait for 24, 48 or 72 hours - your best chance of making a great first impression, and getting to a second & third date & beyond - is when you're having fun on your first date. If they agree, plan your second date right then and there. Time (and love) waits for no-one, and it won't wait for you.