If you're single & ready for a relationship, dating can be frustrating. But it doesn't have to be hard. In fact, if your dates feel like "work" - or if dating itself feels like a "second job" - it's probably not going to work out well for you. So how do you change your dating approach & INCREASE your relationship chances? Start by stopping these 4 toxic dating habits:
  1. Turn off the volume:  if you've been using (multiple) dating apps, you've probably encountered one of two (equally frustrating) scenarios, A. You swipe & click for hours but don't end up meeting or truly connecting with anyone; or, B. You're inundated with messages (some polite, some not so much) from people you're not interested in. In either case, the solution isn't to 'dig in', its to 'dig out'. Put away your dating apps for a while & try some other dating methods.
  2. Me, Me, Me?:  its natural to think the key to finding someone special is to focus on what YOU'RE looking for, right? Wrong! Start focusing on the person across from you - or across the room from you - you'll be surprised what you mind find out about them & you, and maybe both of you together.
  3. Quest for perfection?:  its easy to write exactly what you're looking for on a dating profile or piece of paper. Where it all falls apart, however, is the real world. Its natural to have some basic 'deal breakers', but avoid making your list so long that nobody makes the grade (maybe even not you?). Focus on truly getting to know someone below the superficial - that's where true chemistry happens.
  4. The 10 second rule?:  can you know if someone's perfect for you within 10 seconds of meeting them? Not really. Yes, its true you can tell if you're physically attracted to someone right away - but you likely can't tell if they're truly 'the one'. Why? Because - yes - physical chemistry is important, but connecting with someone at a deeper level is a more important indicator of long term relationship potential. Throw out the "10 second rule", and replace it with the "10 date rule" (or at least the "3 date rule")!