Summer seems custom made for romance: sunshiny days, long nights, warm breezes. But how do you turn that summer warmth into summer love? Here are 5 little known ways to find your special someone this summer:
  1. Practice saying 'hi': no matter how many singles you meet, it won't do you (or them) much good if no-one takes the initiative to say 'hello'. Like all important things in life, practice helps, so get in front of a mirror and practice saying 'hi' to new people. You'll be surprised how quickly this can turn your single life around.
  2. Think outside vs. inside: summer in Vancouver is called the 'outdoor season' for a reason, most people stay outdoors as long as possible. Your chances of meeting someone outside during a stroll along the beach are far greater than your chances of doing so in a dark pub.
  3. Think day vs. night: make some time to stroll a few summery outdoor places during the day, as you'll find far more people and fun activities during daylight hours in the summer... invite a friend or couple along as that tends to make you feel more relaxed and natural.
  4. Be creative: make an effort to do new and different activities and events this summer... doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different result rarely pays off. Also, when you're at a new event or activity approach some new people and say 'hi, this is my first time here, how about yourself?'
  5. Hire a professional: if your busy summer schedule makes it difficult for you to get out and meet new people on your own, hire a professional matchmaking service such as Executive Search Dating. Our database is overflowing with high quality, professional singles at this time of year. We'd love to make the introduction for you!