Positive Dating, in addition to being a fun way to meet new people, is also the BEST way to find a compatible RELATIONSHIP partner.   Here are some common match criteria that the Professional Matchmakers at Executive Search Dating have found to be POSITIVE indicators that you have met a compatible match:
  1. Chemistry: no matter how much you prepare (or don't prepare) for your date; you never truly know if you have chemistry with someone until you meet them in person.  Some call it mystery; we call it the exciting part of dating!
  2. Family values: having similar views on family (positive, neutral or otherwise) can be an important connecter with a new match.
  3. Travel: if you are passionate about travel, and intend on doing more of it in the future, it can be great to find someone who feels the same way.  Also, a shared interest in travel can often indicate a similar view of the world AND your own home town.
  4. Education: valuing education (even from the 'school of life'), and having had similar educational backgrounds can be a good starting point for a solid partnership.  This can be particularly true if  having a family is in your future plans.
  5. Activity level: if you are someone who likes to be outside ALL the time, then you'd be well advised to avoid selecting a life-long  'couch potatoe' as a relationship partner.  Do remember, however, that meeting someone new can be a great incentive to learn NEW activities and to become more active.