You’ve been dating for a while, but now you’ve met someone special & you’re ready to start a relationship together. Fantastic! Yes, it’s time to celebrate… but its also time for some serious questions. Which questions? Start with these 5:
  1. Are you being genuine?:  do you feel completely comfortable being yourself with your special someone? Being genuine with your partner is a a must-have, particularly if you’re thinking long term. The same goes for your partner too.
  2. What’s your definition of a relationship?:  do you consider a relationship a stepping stone towards marriage, or the end goal? Is a relationship just a different type of dating – or is it ‘the real thing’? There’s no right or wrong answer – but it is important that you’re both on the same page here.
  3. What will happen when you don’t see eye-to-eye?:  its hard to think about this when you’ve just started seeing someone seriously, but conflict resolution is one of the most important factors in successful (or unsuccessful) relationships. No, you don’t have to agree on everything, but find a way to disagree without being disagreeable.
  4. What are your core beliefs?:  you don’t need to share each and every one of your partners life goals or passions – but you should know what they are and be willing to support them (and they yours). Successful relationships are all about give and take – if you want to get your way all the time, you may find yourself alone for a long, long time.
  5. Do you like each other?:  you love each other – but do you also like each other? No matter how strong your physical chemistry, that will fade over time. What’s left is what really matters – do you like being around each other & do you consider each other your best friends?