When is the BEST time to start dating, particularly if you are 'relationship ready'?  Here are 5 reasons why matchmakers consider Spring to be peak "dating season":
  1. Let there be light: after months of relative darkness, days begin to get lighter and longer; which naturally makes singles think about emerging from their self-imposed 'hibernation mode'.
  2. Activity weather: with the warmer temperatures there are simply more things to do outside, which increases the chances of 'running' into someone new.
  3. In full bloom: as the flowers begin to blossom, it's hard for most singles not to think about turning the page on winter and 'single-dom', and meeting someone special.
  4. The season of optimism: with the increasing light, sun and warmth, people are generally feeling more positive and optimistic in spring; this makes people more willing to approach and/or be approached by someone new in a social setting.
  5. Lose the parkas: its hard for anyone to look sexy in a parka... with warmer temperatures comes lighter spring clothing, which makes flirtation (an essential component of the dating ritual) that much easier.