Dating can sometimes feel like a chore, or even a job, especially if you are not meeting the right type of people. In such cases, its easy to find yourself simply "going through the motions" on your date. But here's the problem: not being engaged and focused on your date means you might miss your 'perfect match' sitting right in front of you! If that's not enough incentive, here's 5 more reasons to pay attention to your date:
  1. Beware 'the viscious cycle': not paying attention to your date greatly increases the chances of an unsuccessful date; this will lead you to feel even more discouraged by dating; which will likely make the next date even worse; and so on, and so on. You can stop this cycle by having one good date... focus on that one date and you'll find your dating prospects looking brighter.
  2. What goes around comes around: if you are engaged and focused on your date, and doing all that you can to ensure they are having a good time; the chances are they will return the favor and you'll have a good time too. The reverse is also true; if you are not into them they will most likely reciprocate making for an uncomfortable time all around.
  3. Beyond physical chemistry: although you can tell right away whether you are attracted to someone physically, you can't really tell if they are a good match for you until you get to know them on the inside too. Avoid shortcuts here: good conversation and spending quality time together (ie. more than just one date) is the best and only way to tell if you truly 'click' with someone.
  4. The friends outcome: not every date will be your perfect match, but that's not to say you can't meet someone who becomes a good friend and/or contact. Vancouver's not the easiest city to meet new people, so look at dating as another way to meet some new social partners as well... by paying attention to your date, you are showing respect for them which is the foundation of a relationship or friendship of any kind.
  5. Your date as your matchmaker: even if you don't feel a spark with your date, you never know, they may know someone who is perfect for you! Again, by being focused on your date and ensuring they (and you) are having a good time, they will be much more likely to speak of you positively to their hot friends even if it doesn't work out between the two of you.