You're excited about your date & already thinking about asking them out again. But then, suddenly, the date ends & you never hear from them again. What happened? It's likely your date was sending you warning signs of a date gone bad, but you just weren't paying attention. Here's 5 dating danger signs & how you can turn things around, and fast!
  1. Self-awareness:  before you can turn a bad date into a good date you need to recognize early that things are going sideways. Yes, focus on being a good date but also pay attention to your date's body language and mood before its too late.
  2. Bored:  there's almost nothing worse than a boring date - even if there's little or no initial chemistry, everyone wants to feel stimulated in some way. Come prepared with some interesting topics - movies, music, fun trips you've been on - keep trying until you find one that turns your dates yawns into smiles.
  3. Disengaged:  if you find yourself doing all the talking, it's likely your dates just not that into you (yet). Stop talking about yourself and ask your date an engagement question that requires an easy & fun response, like: 'What's your favorite band/movie/restaurant? Why do you like it so much?';  or 'What's the favorite country you've visited? Why?'
  4. Why so serious?:  although dating is an important part of finding your relationship, it works best when you're having fun - particularly on a first or second date. If you find yourselves only talking about very weighty subjects (politics, the environment, relationships, etc.), switch it up. Telling a fun travel story, or describing a spectacular hiking adventure you took will still send the message that you care about the world - but it will do that in a positive way that can lead to a second or third date or beyond.
  5. Know when to fold them:  everyone wants their dates to end happily, but that's not always possible. If you've tried some or all of the above tips and the date is still a dud, it's sometimes better to just call it a night. Not every date can or should be a home run and - who knows - maybe your dates just had a long & tiring day and might be better company on your next date. Unless you see zero chance of a future connection, ask to see them again - even if they decline, it'll make them feel good and that's not a bad dating outcome at all.