The end of summer has arrived, so what does that mean for YOUR love life? Basically, you have two options: You can keep the fire burning with your special someone, even as the temperatures start to cool down. Or, your romance can fade along with the backdrop of sandy beaches and starry skies that came with it. Here's 5 signs your summer relationship is built to last past Labour Day:
  1.  You’re planning events for the future:  when people see someone as short-term, they deliberately keep all plans within a 48 to 72-hour window, in case something better comes along. If your partner is making plans to spend post Labour Day time with you (and time thereafter), it’s safe to say they see you in their future. Bonus points if you’ve bought [future] concert tickets or invested in any type of prepaid date.
  2. You’ve met their family and friends:  being introduced to your significant other’s loved ones is a sign that things are serious. If your partner regularly brings you around their friends and family, then there’s a chance they see you in their immediate future. When you see someone as a long-term option, you want to make sure everyone in your life gets used to them being around.
  3. There’s a healthy amount of communication about your relationship:  if your partner is willing to discuss both the good and bad aspects of your relationship, all signs point to them being in it for the long haul. It’s easier to ignore real issues as long as you’re not concerned with how long your partner will be around.
  4. You survived your first argument:  having a healthy argument is completely normal in relationships, as long as you both are willing to compromise. The first argument says a lot about where you are - if you’ve argued and made up, this shows your partner isn’t the type to run at the first sign of discomfort. This means they understand arguing is a part of relationships, and they’re willing to work through it in order to stay around.
  5. Summer lovin' happened so fast?:  if your relationship has remained consistent and you've become even closer after being intimate, its a strong indicator your relationship will last beyond summer. Yes, your summer fling just might be the real thing.