Successful dating isn't like work. In fact, if it feels like work you're probably on the wrong track. For example, when things go wrong in your work life the answer is often to 'work harder'. Not so in your dating life. The key to successful dating isn't to 'try harder' - sometimes it's to 'try smarter'. Here's 5 signs that you may need to change your dating strategy:
  1. Feels like work:  if you begin to dread going on dates, its a sure sign that things are off track. Your best bet of making a positive impression on someone new is when you're feeling positive and excited. If you're not feeling that way, wait until you are.
  2. The same old lines:  when you start feeling that each and every date feels like the last one - you're telling the same stories, jokes, etc. - it may be a sign that you're not focusing enough on the person right in front of you.
  3. Last minute cancellations:  once you've set up a date with someone, try your best to keep the commitment. If you find yourself forever changing plans, or cancelling on dates last minute, it may be a sign you're not taking dating seriously enough. If you're looking to meet relationship-minded singles, this can be a sure-fire chemistry-killer.
  4. The 10 second rule:  if you find yourself judging someone immediately, based purely on their physical appearance, it's a likely sign that you're not putting enough focus on the person behind the looks. Yes, looks do matter, but it's what's beneath the looks that will have the greatest impact on your future relationship potential.
  5. The Dating Vicious Cycle:  if your dates aren't going well (due to all or some of the above factors ), you can start feeling negative about dating, which leads to more bad dates, etc. When you find yourself in this cycle, consider taking a break from dating until you're feeling more positive.