Are you single and ready for a relationship? Well, there's great news: Spring has arrived! Dating Experts consider Spring "The Matchmaking Season" for good reason: its the time of year when most relationships begin. Why you ask? For these 5 (surprising) reasons:
  1. Are you positive?  as simple as it may seem, people are just feeling more 'sunny' in Spring. If you thought that doesn't matter, consider this: your chances of connecting with someone new are far higher when you (both) have a positive attitude.
  2. Lose the layers:  let's be honest for a minute - chemistry matters, in dating and in life. And its hard to feel attractive when you're in a parka - and when you're not feeling attractive you're much less likely to approach someone new (or be approached). As the temperature warms up, show 'em what you've got.
  3. Time is on your side:  with the Spring time change, evenings are longer, which simply gives you more time to spend with someone. The winter "Netflix and chill" date option only really applies once you've started seeing someone - proposing it on a first or second date will almost surely keep you single for a while longer.
  4. Activity weather:  BC singles are notoriously addicted to outdoor activities. But its hard to get excited about a hike or bike when its freezing outside. With the warmer temps its time to activate your most powerful date option - an outdoor activity. Just do it.
  5. Patio fever:  if you're more inclined towards a 'sit down' date, Spring has that covered for you as well. Restaurant and bar patios across the city start opening up again. If you don't think it makes a difference, try patio drinks for your next date. Your love life with thank you for it.