If you've been dating for a while, it can be hard. Particularly if you're not having success, or not meeting the right type of people. And once your dating life goes sideways, it can be hard to get it back on track. But the truth is that dating success is not only possible, but VERY achievable. The key is: don't lose hope! Instead, follow these 5 simple steps to dating success:
  1. Be open-minded:  the truth is, your perfect match may not look or sound anything like you dreamed they would. On the other hand,  you might meet someone who does and there's no chemistry. Be open to meeting different types of people, and you might be surprised how rewarding dating can be.
  2. Not just a numbers game:  in today's world of online dating and dating apps, it can be tempting to simply try and meet as many people as possible, in the hope that one of your dates will be the right person. In reality, you'll likely just end up burned out from dating and not be in the right head space when you do meet the right person. Put down your computer and smart phone and try some other dating methods.
  3. Make it count:  it's easy to fall into the trap of not taking your dates seriously, especially if you've not had dating success. Here's a better strategy: treat each & every date as though you're excited to meet them - when people feel appreciated, it brings out the best in them, and you too.
  4. Follow-up:   as Matchmakers, nothing makes us more sad than hearing about couples who really liked each other on their first date, but never connected again for one reason or another (too busy, didn't call, etc.). Commit to not letting this happen to you: if things are going well on your first date, make plans right there and then to see each other again... you'll never have a better chance!
  5. Be proactive:  by all means try the dating method that suits you best (meeting through friends, going out, online dating apps, etc.). But if those aren't working, be open to trying some new methods - success often comes to those who embrace change & don't get stuck in the past. If you're looking for a more personalized dating approach, consider trying a personalized matchmaking service such as Executive Search Dating - you have nothing to lose but your single life!