Sometimes, your promising date is over before it even begins. Words matter – in dating & in life – particularly when you’ve only just met someone. Saying the wrong thing at the beginning of your date can ruin what just might have been a spectacular dating success story. Don’t panic. But DO avoid saying these 5 things when you meet your date:
  1. “You look tired”:  the only thing you should say to your date when you meet them is something nice – ideally, a sincere compliment. If you can’t find something positive to say about someone new, why are you dating?
  2. “I’ve had a crazy day”:  maybe you have, but the start of the date is definitely not the time to say it. If you’re making an excuse because you’re late, then you just compounded your problem.
  3. “The staff here are terrible”:  perhaps they are, but saying this at the start of a date sends a clear message that you’re not a friendly person. And who wants to be with someone grumpy?
  4. “I’ve got to keep this short”:  unless you’re scheduled for open-heart surgery in the next hour, avoid starting a date by telling them you’ve got other plans. Maybe you do, but the message you’re sending is that you’re not serious. After 20 or 30 minutes of good, positive & fun interaction, mention to your date that you’ve got to meet some friends later on, but would love to see them again. Then, do it!
  5. “Traffic/parking/the weather/etc. is terrible”:  it can feel natural to grouse about a number of things when you first meet someone – but here’s the problem with that – they don’t really know you yet.  So they don’t yet know that you’re a fun, positive person just trying to make light conversation. Keep it positive – especially at the start of a date. If you’re just not feeling positive – fake it!