Sometimes, finding your special someone feels like pure chance: a one-in-a-million lucky shot. But what if I told you that the key to finding your relationship is almost entirely in YOUR hands? Well its true. Here's 5 things you can do today to increase your relationship chances:
  1. Your sofa is your enemy:  we all like the odd night at home watching Neflix - but if you're single and looking to meet someone, its highly unlikely you'll meet them there. Get up, get out, get on with your life.
  2. Beware the self-fulfilling prophecy:  if you're feeling negative about your love life - and even start complaining about it on your dates, its about to get a lot worse. Act as though your love life is about to get a whole lot better, smile and be positive, and just watch the trans-formative effect it'll have on the people you meet.
  3. Take care of yourself - really:  the single most important factor in your future success (in your love life, or anything else) is how you feel when you get up in the morning. If you feel good, life will work out great for you. And the reverse if you wake up feeling lousy most days. Get in shape, clean up your diet, learn some simple ways to feel better & healthier. Your future love life will thank you for it.
  4. Less you, more them:  I get it, when you're love life is stuck in reverse its hard not to make it all about you. But here's the thing: everyone wants to talk about themselves - give your dates that opportunity and you'll soon find your love life going in the right direction again.
  5. Find something you love, then do it:  going to bars or online dating may not be your thing, and its not the best way to meet your perfect person anyway. Here's a better approach - find something you enjoy (sailing, hiking, cooking, dancing, etc.), then find a group or class or event where you'll meet other folks who feel the same way. When you start with something in common, you'll find the rest a lot easier.