Is your dating life frustrating? You're not alone! Dating CAN be frustrating, particularly if you're a busy professional who's ready for a serious relationship. Here's 5 times you should consider QUITTING online dating and meeting with a professional matchmaker:
  1. Time is money:  when you're a busy single or professional, you don't have time for bad dates. Hiring someone who can do all the leg work & introduce you to compatible singles that have real relationship potential just makes sense (& cents). Period.
  2. Screening matters:  part of meeting your special someone is meeting people that have the basic qualities you're looking for in a relationship partner. Going on 10 online dates that don't have the qualities you're looking for doesn't help you find someone special. In fact, it may lead you to give up on your search. Having a professional matchmaker pre-screen your matches for you can help.
  3. Safety matters:  when you're meeting matches who may or may not be who they claim to be, its hard not to be a bit nervous (particularly if you're a woman). Being a bit nervous on a first date isn't always a bad thing - sometimes it means you're excited. But being nervous about your own safety is never a good thing.
  4. Easy does it:  finding time in your busy schedule to arrange a date can be a real challenge. If you're both busy its twice as hard. Having a professional matchmaker take care of all the date arrangements makes dating easier - which means you're more likely to show up on your date in a positive frame of mind. This can increase your chances of a love connection.
  5. Fine tuning:  finding someone special isn't always easy, particularly if you're working off a fixed set of criteria that never change.  Giving post date feedback to a professional matchmaker can help them (and you!) fine tune your criteria to increase the chances of finding your perfect match.