Dating can and should be fun.  But dating is also the BEST way to identify those qualities that are the MOST important for you to find in a romantic partner.  A key element of successful dating is to meet matches that have a basic compatibility with you.  This leads to "Positive" dating experiences, which makes your dates enjoyable for both parties, thus maximizing the chances of a connection.  Here are 5 ways that "Positive Dating" can lead you to a GREAT relationship:
  1. Chemistry happens: meeting someone in person is the only way to determine basic physical chemistry.  Although physical chemistry alone is not sufficient for a lasting partnership, it is an essential starting point.
  2. Time flies, conversation flows: equally as important as physical chemistry is a 'conversational connection'.  Struggling for things to talk about on a first date, although not necessarily a deal breaker, can be a warning sign.
  3. Similar views on life: Professional Matchmakers DON'T subscribe to the view that "Opposites Attract", nor should you. Having some common beliefs on important matters like family, career and travel is a positive start.
  4. Identifying your TOP criteria: Criteria 'on paper' or in an online profile don't always lead to a connection in the real world.  Meeting a variety of high quality compatible singles that meet some (but not necessarly all) of your criteria can be a powerful tool in fine tuning your true criteria.
  5. The 'Virtuous Cycle' of Positive Dating: Meeting high quality, compatible singles allows you to fine tune your match criteria as you enjoy your dates. And knowing your true criteria is an important element in identifying a truly COMPATIBLE relationship partner for yourself.