Modern and/or new isn't always better. Sometimes "tried and true" is your best bet. In the world of dating, for example, so called "modern" methods of dating (such as online dating) don't always work for busy singles and professionals. Reviewing endless online profiles, coupled with the lack of screening and safety, don't always fit with a busy schedule. Here are some quick and easy tips on how to IMPROVE your dating life WITHOUT spending your evenings online:
  1. Spring out: nothing gets Vancouverites more excited than the arrival of spring and outdoor activity weather. Grab a beverage of your choice, and perhaps a friend or two, and head down to the seawall, park or beach... you'll find them teeming with happy, smiling people.
  2. Use your most potent weapon: no, its not what you were probably thinking, its your smile. A smile is a contagious, natural way to put others at ease and multiply the chances that you'll send a positive signal to someone new.
  3. Practice makes perfect: approaching someone new and saying 'hello' may sound frightening at first. But, like all things, with a little practice it can become more natural. Practice your simple and natural approach in front of your mirror at home, then try it out on someone new when you are next out with friends.
  4. Be proactive: In dating and in life, the best results go to those who are the most proactive. Waiting for your perfect match to find you can be a recipe for continued singledom... try out some new places, and new methods of meeting people.
  5. Be friendly: when out socializing and mingling, don't just focus on the first hot man or woman that catches your eye (he or she may not even be single)... be friendly to everyone around you (staff, couples, older and younger folks, etc.). This sends out a positive and confident message to those around you and will increase the chances that you'll attract someone new. Also, that couple you meet might have a single friend that's perfect for you!