If there's one thing that everyone can agree on its this: it would be great to spend LESS time behind a computer, and MORE time meeting new people and doing fun things together with them! This is particularly true in dating, since meeting someone in person is the ONLY way you'll know if they're right for you. But how can you find time to meet new people without having to troll through endless online or social media profiles? Here's 5 ways how:
  1. Be proactive: good things in dating come to those that wait... NOT! Waiting for Prince or Princess Charming to come sweep you off your sofa won't work.  Commit to getting yourself out there and out of your comfort zone... the journey to a revitalized Love life begins with a single step.
  2. Use your network: although you may not think of your friends, family and acquaintances as a 'personal network', that is in fact what they are.  Make an effort during these summer months to reconnect with people in person, and don't hesitate to update them on your personal status.  Who knows, they may know someone, who knows someone, who's perfect for you!
  3. Heat things up: the Vancouver summer means BBQ season, one of the best places to meet people old and new alike.  Get yourself invited to as many BBQ's as possible, and host one yourself.  Ask your friends to bring some single friends to increase your chances of a connection.
  4. Play outside: Join in with a summer activity league... co-ed volleyball, sailing, Paddle boarding, dragon boat racing, running, hiking - whatever your activity of choice, there are ample opportunities to do something fun, learn something new, and meet like-minded people this summer in Vancouver.
  5. Leave the hunting to us: if your time (or motivation) is lacking, consider hiring a professional matchmaking service like Executive Search Dating to find and screen compatible matches just for you.  There's a reason why matchmaking services are so popular in Vancouver... they work!