The holiday season is here, complete with snow, Santa Claus, mistletoe... and meeting someone new?  Yes, say the Proactive Dating Professionals at Executive Search Dating!  Here are 5 sure-fire ways to put someone special under your mistletoe this year:
  1. Be jolly: people are generally happier and easier to approach this time of year; so put a holiday smile on your face and practice saying 'hello' and 'Merry Christmas' to new people.
  2. Be merry: parties may not normally be your thing, but now is the time to break from your normal routine. Get out to as many Christmas parties as you can handle; remember, you'll have plenty of time to recover in January!
  3. Throw a Christmas party: invite some friends over and ask them to invite some of their single friends.  Try picking a day and time that will maximize attendance, like an after work party or a Sunday brunch event.
  4. Tag along to a friend's party: a friend's office party can be a great way to meet other single professionals, without the potential downside of over-indulging with folks who you'll have to work with the next day.
  5. Hit the apres-ski circuit:whether its skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing or hiking there is one thing that unites all winter sports enthusiasts: the apres-ski activities!  Enjoying a warm mug in front of a fireplace is a great way to socialize with other outdoor types in an environment where everyone is at ease.