Some dating mistakes are worse than others. But some are downright "chemistry killers". You're on a date and its going well, or at least you think it is. Then, all of a sudden, things change and your date is asking for the bill and heading for the exits. How did this happen? Well, it's possible you committed one of these 6 date-killing mistakes. Learn them - and how to avoid them - and watch your dating blues vanish into thin air:
  1. A yawning problem:  I get it, you're tired after a long day. But yawning on your date doesn't send that message at all. Instead, it sends the message that you find your date boring (even if you don't). Even if you do, don't yawn.
  2. Distracted dating:  checking out someone else in the restaurant - or chatting up your server - has one possible upside: you'll soon have plenty of time on your own to pursue them directly. Good luck with that.
  3. Smoking hot (Not):  just because you smoke it doesn't make you a bad person - and if you're on a date with a smoker, go for it. But if you're not - or even if you're not sure - put the pack away. And while you're at it - consider quitting. It'll increase your dating odds by 90%.
  4. Too much:  on a first or second date, your best bet is to control yourself - stick with a drink or two, and maybe a few appetizers. Finishing the bottle (or the hearty prime rib dinner) can send a subtle message that your drink/meal is more important than your date.
  5. The sweetest sound:  everyone wants to feel appreciated, and saying  someone's name is the best and easiest way to do that. However, forgetting someone's name - or constantly mispronouncing it - will have them checking out of your date before you know it.
  6. Mistaking a chair for a couch:  avoid complicated issues when you've just met someone - particularly any talk about your ex or the sorry state of your love life. Pity and angst are not attractive qualities - treat the person across from you as relationship-potential; not a potential shrink.