Have you ever felt stressed out before a date? Wondering what to say & whether your date is going to like you (and vice versa)? Well it happens. Dating can sometimes feel like going to an interview - but it shouldn't. In fact, if it does your chances of dating success are slim. So what's the secret to a successful date? Just follow these 6 quick and easy steps and you'll find yourself on a second or third date before you know it (Source: J. Burgess): 1. Smile:  the simple act of smiling cues the brain to release the feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. Smiling not only has the power to make you feel better, but also to make others feel better, too. 2. Make eye contact:  the eyes have long been said to be “the gateway to our soul.” According to Dr. Carol Kinsey Gorman, eye contact produces a powerful, subconscious sense of connection. The depth of the connection can be correlated to the amount of eye contact. By looking into the person’s eyes, you are showing this person that you are interested in her. Don’t miss this important part of creating a connection. 3. Ask a question:  asking people a question accomplishes two goals. The first is that it gives the person answering the question the ability to talk about his favorite subject, himself. We are all innately built with a desire to talk about ourselves. By asking a question, we give him the ability to fulfill this desire. Secondly, asking a question gives us the ability to listen and find common ground where we can connect. If he has children, we can ask how old his children are and connect through parenthood. Whatever it may be, find common ground and the connection will happen. 4. Synchronize to build rapport:  in his New York Times Bestseller, How to Make People Like You in 90 Seconds or Less, Nicholas Boothman says rapport can be built by design. Mirroring or synchronizing is done by modeling the person you wish to build rapport with. “Those that are in rapport are synchronized almost like dancers: one picks up a cup, the other follows; one leans back, the other does the same; one talks softly, the other talks softly,” Boothman says. Synchronizing or mirroring the traits of others will give you the ability to build rapport quickly. 5. Compliment:  find something to compliment them on as soon as possible. This may be something as simple as the way they are dressed, the company they work for, or an answer to a question you ask. We all love to be complimented. When you compliment them, it brings down walls and opens them up to you. 6. Follow up:  first dates are great, but true relationships are built over time. If the first date has gone well (or even just okay), suggest a second date right there and then. First dates may be where you determine if there's a 'spark', but second and third dates are where you determine whether there's true relationship potential. Unless the first date was a complete disaster, always plan to see someone a second or third time. Even if they're not right for you, they may know someone who is!