When you're on a first or second date, words matter. They really, really do. Why? Because the person you're with doesn't really know you yet. So saying the wrong thing just might be the end of the line - even if you're actually a great 'relationship match'. How do you avoid this dating disaster? Start by NOT saying these 6 chemistry-killing things on your date:
  1. The 'Ex' factor:  talking about your past relationship(s) will almost certainly ensure one thing - you won't be starting another relationship anytime soon. Stop it.
  2. Politically incorrect:  talking about your political views will likely lead to one of two outcomes - you'll turn your date off (most likely); or, less likely, you'll both agree on everything and spend your date talking politics. Now tell me, does that sound sexy to you?
  3. All job no (love) life:  you've got a stressful job and you need to talk about it - I get it. but your date likely won't, nor should they. Chemistry usually happens when you're smiling, so forget your job stress and lose the frown.
  4. One more thing:  having something (positive) to say on your date is important - but its also possible to talk too much, particularly if you don't let your date get a word in edge wise. Aim for a 50/50 balance of talking and active listening.
  5. My God:  if religion is an important (or very unimportant) part of your life, you'll need to discuss that with your future relationship partner. But bringing religion up on a first or second date is not the right approach. There'll be a time to discuss deeper matters like religion with your partner, but a first or second date is not that time. Get to know each other first.
  6. Our future together:  if your date is going well and you're REALLY attracted to the person you're with, its easy to start talking about your future plans together. Hint: don't. The only future plans you can (and should) talk about is the next date. Talking about where you'll travel together & how many kids you'll have is not only presumptuous, its creepy.