If you're ready for a relationship. You must learn the skill (and art) of 'positive dating'. What on earth is 'positive dating' you ask? It's dating with intention. Dating with purpose. And dating that will lead you to a relationship. (and yes, its also a lot of fun). Sound complicated? Well, its not. Here's 6 ways to turn your date into a relationship:
  1. Seriously:  if you're looking for something serious, be serious about dating. No, that doesn't mean turning your dates into 'interviews for the life partner position' - it means: be true to your word, treat your date with the respect they deserve, and go on 2nd and 3rd dates whenever possible.
  2. Look the part:  if you show up sloppy and disheveled on your date, you'll soon have plenty of time to freshen up - at home, alone after a failed first date. Put some effort into your appearance; it sends your date a message of respect (and you'll probably look good too).
  3. Be positive:  an essential element to 'positive dating' is being positive. Complaining about your job, or your lousy dating life on a date will lead to one sure thing - that trend will continue with this failed date.  People want to be around positive people - be that person.
  4. Give it time:  no matter how well (or poorly) a first or second date goes, you'll likely not know for sure whether you're a good match or not. Your best best: see your date again (and again) - even if it doesn't turn into a love connection, you might just make a new friend out of it - and maybe they'll know someone who's perfect for you!
  5. End well leads to all well:  regardless of how your date goes, make every effort to end it on a positive note - even if one or both of you realize there's just no chance of chemistry. Sending someone a nice text or message thanking them for the date, and wishing them the best in their search can go a long way to your own future dating success.
  6. Visualize success:  nothing good ever comes from imagining the worst outcome. Imagine your date going well - prepare accordingly and look the part - and it probably will. If you're feeling down about dating (and your dates), consider taking a break from dating for a while until you're feeling more positive. If that doesn't work, hire a dating professional (like Executive Search Dating) and we'll help get your love life back on track in no time flat! Contact us today to get things started.