In dating, and in life, repeating the same methods and expecting different results rarely leads to success.  Here are some creative ways to meet someone new and introduce some NEW spark into your dating life:
  1. Throw a party: spring is a great time to have a party... invite some friends and have them bring some single friends.
  2. Music connection: checking out a band you like at a local venue is a great way to meet like-minded music lovers.
  3. Shop around: pick up your weekly groceries in a different neighbourhood and say hi to someone new that you run into.
  4. Catch Canuck Fever: catch a Vancouver Canucks playoff game at one of the many sports lounges in town. Bonus points if you are wearing Canucks blue.  Raise a toast to someone new whenever our team scores!
  5. Break free from your comfort zone:  Vancouver dating services are booming for a reason; because many Vancouver singles use them!  Whether its attending a singles event or hiring a professional matchmaking service, you have nothing to lose but your single life.
  6. Be approachable: when you are out with friends and you spot someone interesting (or someone interesting has spotted you), smile and say hello.  No method of meeting someone new will work unless someone says hello!
  7. The Grouse Grind: a great way to meet other active singles and get a workout in as well!