Dating, and in particular 'Positive Dating', is an important step towards finding someone special. But how to know if you are on the right 'dating track'? Here are some dating pitfalls to be avoided in your quest for positive dating results:
  1. The "dating desert": avoiding dating all together will not necessarily lead you to 'Mr. or Mrs. Right'. Putting yourself out there and meeting some new people is an essential first step to dating success.
  2. Dating overload: on the flip side, dating too much can become a chore that feels a lot like a job!  Find your own comfort level with dating frequency; one or two dates a month is a common benchmark amongst professional matchmaking services.
  3. Quantity vs. Quality: you are generally better off to have fewer dates with more compatible matches with whom you share some basic things in common.
  4. Lack of focus on your dates: if you find yourself distracted on your dates, and not paying attention to your date partner, you'll often find a first date will be the last date.
  5. Groundhog day: do your dates all seem to follow the same pattern with the same conversation topics? Mix it up with some funny and interesting stories, or discuss some current or upcoming events that excite you.
  6. I am work and work is me: talking about your job too much on a first date can be a sure fire chemistry killer.
  7. All talk or all listen: a good date should be a conversational give and take.  Aim for an equal balance of talking and listening to get the best results from a first date.