Why do some singles get better results from dating than others?  While some singles date and date to no avail, others end up meeting not just one but a number of potential relationship partners. But why? The answer is not so much who they ARE, but more about their DATING APPROACH. The reality is that what's on the outside (physical appearance, sex appeal, charisma, etc.) is less important than what's on the inside... here are 7 habits that will lead you to more success in your dating life:
  1. Get serious: success in life (and dating) rarely happen by pure chance. Successful people prioritize important things, and that includes meeting someone special. Make time in your busy schedule for meeting new people.
  2. Be proactive: break free from your comfort zone, and try some new ways to meet people. Visit a new neighborhood, try a new hot-spot, approach some new people and say 'hi', hire a matchmaker. The more new people you meet, the more comfortable you'll feel doing it, and the higher the chances of meeting someone you click with.
  3. Be reliable: if you make plans with someone, avoid cancelling or changing plans last minute. First impressions matter in life, and in dating. Being true to your word is an important and effective first step in dating.
  4. Be on time: letting your date wait alone at a restaurant or lounge will likely scuttle any chances of a second date. Be on time, and if its a busy or new place, arrive a bit early to ensure you are there when your date arrives.  If you are running late, call or text your date or the venue to let them know.
  5. Be focused: put your phone away and focus on the person you're with. You may think that receiving calls and texts sends the message that you are important. In fact, it sends the message that you are not polite nor serious.
  6. Be engaged: come prepared with some fun stories and topics to discuss, and aim to spend as much time actively listening as talking. Having an enjoyable first date is the best way to get to a second date and beyond.
  7. Follow up and follow through: if the first date is going well, arrange the second date right then and there. Regardless of how the first date has gone, a thank you call, message or note is a common courtesy that never goes out of style. Even if you didn't click with them, they may know someone who's perfect for you!