Here's one question we matchmakers are often asked: what is the "secret" to a successful relationship? And, how do you know when you have met "The One"... is it possible (or even advisable) to look for certain "clues" on a date? There is a two part answer:
  • You won't know on a first or second date whether someone is truly "right" for you.
  • But, there are certain "dating signs" that you can send off which might derail a budding romance.
Here are 7 secrets to a successful relationship, and the "dating signs" to look for on your date:
  1. Being attentive: paying attention to the person you're with, and being focused on them, is a quality most successful couples share. If you or you date is constantly distracted and seems to be elsewhere, it may be a sign they're not 'relationship ready'.
  2. Being communicative: good and open communication is a hallmark of most successful relationships. This doesn't mean that your date (or you) needs to be talking all the time, but as time goes on you should feel as though you are able to openly communicate about many things both big and small.
  3. Being complementary: sincere complements show you care and that you're paying attention to your partner. Simple complements are fine, but sincerity is a must.
  4. Being thoughtful: making an effort is an important hallmark of good relationships, and a great dating habit as well. If you've enjoyed spending time with someone, send them a note or let them know how they made you feel.
  5. Being true to your word: we're all busy, but forever cancelling plans is never welcome, and can harm relationships. Unless an emergency has happened, do whatever it takes to be true to your word. If you say you'll call someone, call them.
  6. Being flexible: part of a successful relationship is understanding the delicate art of give and take.  Making an effort to do things your partner enjoys, and they you, can be a fun way to break your normal routine. Coming across as very inflexible, on the other hand, can send an unintended warning sign to your date.
  7. Being a good listener: understand before you seek to be understood. Good advice in life, and a quality that successful couples share. On a date, be sure you are spending at least as much time (actively) listening as you are talking.