With Valentine's Day just around the corner, and the arrival of spring not long after that, many Vancouver singles are asking themselves 'Is now the right time to start a relationship?'  Here are 7 telltale signs of relationship readiness:
  1. Dating burnout: does dating begin to feel like 'groundhog day', repeating the same old stories about yourself over and over to someone new that you have just met?
  2. Quest for meaningfulness: do you feel an increasing desire to share meaningful moments with someone special?
  3. Future planning: do you start thinking about sharing the future (home, family, holiday season happiness) with someone special?
  4. Tired of the bar scene and online dating: do you start to think more about quality vs. quantity; ie. dating less but dating more compatible matches?
  5. More than just looks: do you desire a romantic partner that not only physically attracts you, but who also has other qualities that draw you together (shared family values, intellectual curiosity, education, etc.)?
  6. In your thoughts: do you find yourself thinking about someone frequently, and consciously making plans which involve them?
  7. Mutual admiration: do you admire someone and truly value their opinions on important matters in your life?