In the world of dating, chemistry matters. No, it's not the only factor in finding a great match, nor even the most important. But without at least a bit of chemistry, dating can feel like a chore, and we already have too many chores in our lives! Here are 7 classic signs of chemistry:
  1. Excitement builds: you are excited, maybe even a bit nervous in meeting them. Nerves are usually a sign that something MEANS something to you, which is a good thing.
  2. Relaxation matters: once you meet, or after a short while, you feel relaxed and easy in their presence.
  3. Attraction helps: you find them even just a little bit attractive.  Beware when you meet someone who you find VERY attractive as this sometimes blinds you to other more important areas where you are not a match.
  4. A laughing matter: sharing a sense of humor is one of the most important elements of establishing initial and lasting chemistry. When someone laughs at your (bad) jokes, and you at theirs, its a very good sign.
  5. Feels like a 2nd date: when a 1st date feels like a second date, or when you are already thinking about seeing them again, you can bet that chemistry is there.
  6. Love follows respect: you respect them and their views. Although you may not always agree, having a mutually respectful view of each other can be the foundation for long term relationship success.
  7. Chemistry grows: even more important than initial chemistry is whether chemistry grows stronger over time. In fact, you are better off to have just a little bit of chemistry at first which grows over time; vs. having amazing chemistry at first which fades quickly.