Are you tired of hearing about dating 'red flags'? Good. Let's talk instead about some dating 'green flags'! If you're ready for a relationship, look for these 7 'relationship material' qualities on your next date:
  1. They keep their word:  their words and actions match. If they make a commitment to something, they follow through. It’s okay if not everything’s perfect, if you can count on them to try their best every time.
  2. They actively listen:  like, really listen. They want to hear what you have to say, even when the conversations are tough. They listen extra closely when you’re distressed, because what matters to you matters to them.
  3. They know how to share:  they listen but they communicate well, too. They express their feelings and communicate clearly. You’re able to have difficult conversations with them—money, insecurities, you name it. It’s not easy to keep a cool head in tough conversations. Give them points for this one.
  4. They’re sensitive to your needs:  everybody has triggers and sensitivities. A good partner is aware of yours and will tailor their behavior to accommodate them. It’s not about convenience. It’s about compassion.
  5. They respect boundaries:  just like it says, they respect your boundaries. You need friend time? Great. Alone time? Perfect. A good partner will know that when you draw a line in the sand, they should respect it. With any luck, they’ll set their own rules to reinforce strong communication in the relationship.
  6. They apologize:  apologies are a major part of conflict resolution. I mean deep, sincere apology. It’s important to be able to admit when you're wrong or more importantly when you’ve hurt someone. If your partner is able to let go of their pride and acknowledge fault, it’s a big deal.
  7. They compromise:  this is really important, because no partners see eye to eye on everything. Healthy relationships are not the ones that have the most in common, but the ones most willing to meet in the middle.