It may still be chilly outside, but you know spring is on the way. If you're single, that's a reason to celebrate. But what makes spring different from other seasons when it comes to meeting someone new? Well, it turns out quite a lot! Here are some little known facts about spring dating that can help you meet someone new:
  1. Its only natural: most of what makes spring a great time to meet someone new is purely natural. Our bodies are hard wired to respond to the season of renewal by emerging from our 'winter caves' to seek and find new partners.
  2. The 'get outside' season: As winter recedes, Vancouverites begin to think of getting outdoors and doing new things, which provides a necessary push to meet someone new to do things with.
  3. Light my way: face it, its hard to feel romantic when the sun sets a 4:30 pm ... with daylight savings time now here, there are simply more daylight hours of the day to meet some new people.
  4. De-layering: flirtation is an essential component of the mating game, and it's hard to feel sexy in a parka. As the temperatures begin to warm up, and layers of clothing come off, the flirtation season begins.
  5. Go green: the arrival of March means the beginning of festival season, with Celtic Fest and St. Paddy's Day being the highlights. Of all the festivals in the year, St. Paddy's Day may well be the most 'festive' of all, and thus perfect for meeting some new people.
  6. Let love blossom: the arrival of Cherry Blossom season gives singles a great first or second date option - take your date for a springtime stroll among Vancouver's 40,000 cherry trees. Queen Elizabeth Park or the UBC endowment lands provide an ideal setting to let your love 'blossom'!
  7. The 'season of optimism': above all, spring is the season of positivity... and in the world of dating, a positive attitude (yours and everyone else's) is the single most important element of dating success.