Let's face it: dating can be stressful - especially when you don't feel like you're meeting the right type of people. Here's the problem with this scenario: feeling stressed about your single life will not help your chances of finding someone special. In fact, it might hurt them. But it doesn't have to be this way. Here are 7 ways you can turn dating stress into dating success:
  1. Take charge: waiting for someone or something to happen in your love life can be stressful and, worse yet, unsuccessful. Get off the sofa and get yourself out there.
  2. Failure is a step in the right direction: not every new method of meeting people that you try will work out as planned. Resist the urge to give up or become frustrated... trying and failing is a better bet than not trying at all.
  3. Empowerment = Confidence: taking charge of your dating life will make you feel better about yourself. When you're feeling better about yourself, you're more confident. When you're more confident, you're less stressed, and more sexy.
  4. Be the person you want to meet: bitching to friends and family about the sorry state of your love life will not make things any easier. Focus on the positive, let it be known that you're ready to meet someone special, and be a positive force at every event you attend. Word will get around.
  5. Hire an expert: if your current methods aren't working, hire a professional matchmaker to do the hard work for you. There's a reason why professional dating services like Executive Search Dating are successful: they work.
  6. When in doubt, grow: try expanding your social and intellectual horizon... take some cooking classes, learn a new language, take some ballroom dancing or salsa classes. Besides being a great place to meet some new people, it'll make you happier, and happiness is one of nature's strongest aphrodisiacs.
  7. Change your dating mindset: when you meet someone interesting, look at your first meeting or date as a chance to get to know someone new, and less like a potentially life-altering "DATE". Being relaxed will take the pressure off you and your date, and maximize the chances that you do connect.