Generally speaking, when you become REALLY good at something, it's a good thing. In dating, not so much. Yes, you want your dates to go well and enjoy yourself - that's important - but if you're looking for a serious relationship, you don't want to enjoy dating new people so much that you never end up truly connecting with that one special person. Here's 7 signs that your dating skills may be hurting your relationship chances:
  1. Always more fish in the sea:  when you've been dating casually for a while (particularly with online dating apps), it's easy to fall into the assumption that there's always something better around the corner. This may be true, but it may also be that you've already passed the best corner.
  2. Dating system:  when you've been dating a lot of people, you tend to fall into the same dating tendencies. These may work fine on a first or second date, but they don't always lead to a deep bond with someone special.
  3. Calendar dating:  with online dating apps, because there's no true screening of your matches, you tend to have to go on a lot of dates - in some cases, multiple dates a week (or even per day!). Here's the problem: you'll find you're thinking about your Thursday date whilst on your Monday date; which is a shame if your Monday date is your perfect match.
  4. See right through you/them:  when you're on a date with a true relationship-minded single, your 'too cool for school' dating style doesn't always have the right impact. There's a fine line between being super comfortable on your date, and not being taken as serious relationship potential.
  5. Good things in life take time:  first and second dates are an essential part of meeting someone special, but to truly know if someone's right for you it takes far more time. It's hard to find such dedicated time, if you're too busy dating other people.
  6. The monogamy principle:  dating a few people casually is perfectly fine, especially if you (and your dates) are not looking for anything too serious. If you're looking for a lasting relationship, however, your best best is always to focus on one person - once you've established after a few dates that you have a strong connection with them.
  7. When the musics over:  online dating apps can make dating seem like a game. And that's fine, particularly if you're new to dating, or not looking for anything too serious. But beware the trap of assuming that there will always be more & better matches in the future - you might just realize that the person you met some weeks or months ago was your best bet.