Being single isn't always easy.  But it doesn't have to be hard.  In fact, when dating is fun you get better results and INCREASE the chances of meeting someone special.
Here are 7 things singles should never do:
  1. Sit back and wait: waiting for Mr. or Ms. Right to come to you rarely works.  Be proactive in your dating life; trying new places, new ideas and new dating options will only increase your chances of meeting someone special.
  2. Mega-date: in the online dating and bar scene worlds, you often have to go on many bad dates to get one good one.  This can make 'mega-dating' seem like a reasonable option.  It isn't.  A key to successful dating is to be positive and excited to meet someone new, which is hard to do when you are going on too many bad dates.
  3. Bring a checklist:  it's okay to have a checklist of qualities you are looking for in a relationship partner, but leave it at home before your date.  The main purpose of a first date is to see if you have chemistry with someone.  Once you connect with someone you may even find that your checklist changes.
  4. Interview your date:  dates should not feel like job interviews. Focus on having fun on your date and you'll greatly increase the chances of a positive impression, and a positive connection.
  5. Talk about your ex:  there is a time to talk about past relationships, but a first or second date is NOT that time!  Talking about an ex sends a message to your date that you are not truly 'relationship ready'.
  6. Talk about your other dates:  even worse than talking about your ex on a date, is to talk about other bad dating experiences that you have had.  A sure-fire first date killer!
  7. Be negative: everyone wants to be around positive people... focus on positive, fun topics on your date (fun travel stories, plans for the summer, your thoughts on an appropriate Stanley Cup parade route for the Vancouver Canucks, etc.).  This will make your date partner relax and have fun as well, which will maximize the chances of getting to a second date.