We've all heard it: you can't meet new people in Vancouver. Vancouverites are unfriendly. There are 10 women to every man. There are 5 men to every woman. Etc. Etc. Yes, you've heard these supposed 'Vancouver dating facts'. But are they 'facts' or 'myths'? The answers may surprise you:
  • Myth #1: Vancouver is not a good city for dating - actually, Vancouver has one of the most active and progressive dating cultures of any city in North America. True, much of that is online dating, but there are many other (better) options out there for singles.
  • Myth #2: Vancouver single men do not exist - they do exist and, in fact, many single men in Vancouver complain that there aren't enough single women!
  • Myth #3: Vancouver single women are unapproachable - not true. Most single women in Vancouver complain they are rarely, if ever, approached.
  • Myth #4: The ratio of single women to single men is WAY out of balance in Vancouver! Also, not true. Although there may be more women or men at a particular event (ie. more women at a wine tasting; more men at a sporting event; etc.), overall statistics show a relatively equal number of single men and women in Vancouver.
  • Myth #5: Vancouver men are not interested in long term relationships - not true. Although it can take men longer to feel 'relationship ready' than women, eventually most if not all men do get there.
  • Myth #6: Vancouver women are mostly interested in a man's income - not true. In fact, after arranging thousands of successful matches in Vancouver, we have found that a man's income level is rarely a top match criteria for Vancouver women.
  • Myth #7: It's impossible to meet new people in Vancouver - not true. Although Vancouver has the reputation as a hard city to meet new people, you rarely hear from someone who actually tried to approach someone new and was treated poorly.