First impressions matter, particularly when it comes to dating. You may meet the man or woman of your dreams; but a bad first date may make future dates just that: a dream. Here are 7 things to AVOID if you want to turn a first date into a second date:
  1. Be distracted: if you can't be present on a first date, it's likely your date will assume you are just not very interesting.
  2. Be late: showing up late on a first date sends a clear message that you are not that interested in them.
  3. Be negative: we all have bad days, but talking about your bad day on a first date will likely make your day (and theirs) even worse.
  4. Check your messages: if your messages are more important that your date, then maybe you should consider dating your messages?
  5. Be rude to the staff: being rude or impolite to the bar or wait staff is a turn-off for men and women.
  6. Talk about yourself all night: its okay to talk a bit about yourself, but showing genuine interest in your date is essential if you want to get to a second date.
  7. Be boring: tell some funny stories, or talk about some fun things or trips that you've done this year. Dates should be fun, and the chances of chemistry happening are FAR greater when both of you are having a good and fun time.