Spring is called ‘The Matchmaking Season’ for a reason – it’s the BEST time of year to meet someone new! Here's 7 ways you can shake off the winter blues and kick start your love life this season!
  1. Lose the parka:  let’s be honest, it’s hard to flirt in a parka. Freshen up your spring wardrobe, shed some layers and practice saying ‘hello’ to strangers. Let Mother Nature do the rest.
  2. Activity weather:  if there’s one thing Vancouverites love more than anything, it’s the outdoors! Take a hike, or grab a bike and get outside… you never know who you might ‘run’ into.
  3. Patio season:  nothing beats the atmosphere of an outdoor patio on a warm spring Vancouver evening. Take a few friends down to your favorite craft brew pub for some springtime socializing.
  4. Playoff fever:  with the Vancouver Canucks poised to make a long run in this year’s NHL playoffs, visit a local sports lounge on a playoff game night and share your passion with someone new. Your dating life will win, no matter what the score.
  5. Season of optimism:  spring brings with it an optimistic, positive feeling that makes Vancouverites happy and more open to meeting new people. When you see someone you like, smile and say ‘hello’ – you've got nothing to lose but your single life.
  6. Ferry me away:  beat the winter blues with a day trip to a local gulf island – check out the open-air markets, visit the local café and meet some ‘locals’ – you’ll be surprised how many Vancouverites you’ll meet.
  7. CelticFest:  celebrate Vancouver’s greenest festival of the year from March 6th to 17th. Music, dance, green beer – the Irish didn't invent the good time, they perfected it. Laughter is, after all, the world’s most powerful aphrodisiac.