Are you ready to find your relationship in 2018? Then its time to stop waiting & start finding. Dating can be frustrating, particularly if you're looking for something serious & too busy for online dating apps. The secret to meeting your special someone in 2018 isn't dating more, its dating better. Here's 8 common-sense New Years dating resolutions to help you find your special someone in 2018:
  1. Be proactive:  good things in life don’t necessarily come to those that wait. Putting yourself out there and meeting some new people is an essential element of finding someone special.
  2. Put your phone down:  in today's digital-obsessed world, its easy to confuse online & social media connections for real connections - don't. Whenever & however you meet 'The One', it'll happen when you meet them in person.
  3. Hire a professional:  you wouldn’t buy a house without some professional help, so why not try a personalized matchmaking service (like Executive Search Dating) to help you find your special someone. You've nothing to lose but your single life! Contact us today to get things started.
  4. Be positive:  everyone wants to be with someone positive and fun. Practice your smile, and avoid negative topics once you have met someone new and interesting.
  5. Be the person you want to meet:  in the world of matchmaking, likes often attract likes. Seek out activities and interests where you will find like-minded people and your chances of meeting someone special will increase.
  6. Be bold:  lose your fear of rejection and try approaching someone new when you are out with friends. You will be surprised by how positive the reaction will be to a friendly smile and ‘hello’ to a stranger - yes, ESPECIALLY in Vancouver!
  7. Mix it up:  doing the same ‘ole things and expecting different results is a recipe for frustration; try going out in a new neighbourhood or a new restaurant/lounge; or go shopping in a new part of town.
  8. Forget the past and don’t stress about the future:  when it comes to meeting someone new, think of every occasion as a fresh opportunity to connect with someone interesting. And when you do strike up a connection, keep it positive and fun… tell a fun holiday story!