First impressions matter in life - and they matter even MORE in dating. But your good first impression will only get you so far. What happens after that first impression is even more important - a few misplaced phrases can leave you back where you started (nowhere).
If you're looking for a lasting connection, start by avoiding these 8 chemistry-killing phrases:
  1. 'What's your name again?':  you may not be great at remembering names, but here's a clue: If you want a successful love life, start remembering peoples names.  Practice saying it before your date, or even make a note of it if that doesn't work.
  2. 'Ummm':  have you ever seen a news anchor, or anyone on TV or radio say 'Ummm' a lot? Probably not. That's because they know it's irritating and drowns out your actual message. Try pausing, thinking and taking a breath before you answer.
  3. 'I'm having a terrible day':  there's at least an equal chance your date's had a bad day too - the difference: they're not talking about it (and probably don't want to).  Be positive - if you don't feel positive, fake it!
  4. 'My last relationship was a disaster':  talking about your last relationship might be cathartic for you, but its a sure-fire chemistry killer on a date. Save that type of talk for later (much later).
  5. 'Hope you don't mind that I was late':  there's only one thing to say when you arrive late to a first or second date, and this is definitely not it! A better answer: 'I'm really sorry I'm late!' The right answer: don't be late.
  6. 'Do you believe in God?':  you may or may not have strong feelings about religion - in either case, don't bring it up when you've just met someone. It will almost surely go wrong.
  7. 'Do you want kids?':  someone may or may not want kids (eventually) - but the answer they'll give you when you've just met them might be the opposite of the answer they'll give you once they've fallen in love with you.
  8. 'I...I...Me...Me':   aim to spend half your time talking and half your time listening on your date - talking about yourself the whole night sends the message that you're full of yourself. Which sucks, because you're probably not.