New studies say that dating services are 'more efficient' than traditional dating. In particular, couples who meet through a dating service get married two years sooner than those who meet through traditional means. But what does that mean for you? Well, that depends. Here are some signs that a dating service might work for you, and some signs that 'traditional dating' might be your best bet:
  1. Sooner rather than later: are you tired of 'dating', and more focused on meeting true 'relationship ready' matches? If so, a professional matchmaking service like Executive Search Dating may be your best bet, as you are more likely to meet matches who are serious about finding someone.
  2. The more the merrier: if you are looking to meet as many new people as possible (for dating, friendship or otherwise), then traditional dating (ie. bars, singles events, online dating, etc.) may be a good fit for you. Although you'll likely meet more matches who aren't 'relationship potential', they can help to expand your social network.
  3. Time constraints: if you are a busy person with not a lot of time to spend on dating, then a dating service designed for busy professionals such as Executive Search Dating may be what your looking for. Such services not only find compatible matches for you, but handle all the date arrangements for you, making it easier to meet quality matches.
  4. Seeking adventure: if adventure, excitement and drama are what you seek, then traditional dating (ie. the bar scene, online dating, etc.) or even mobile dating apps may be worth a try. While these methods often lack 'relationship minded singles', they do rank highly in the 'low cost' and  'adventure and excitement' departments.  Do be careful when using these methods however, and be prepared to spend a lot of time emailing, texting and messaging potential dates.