Thanks to dating apps like Tinder, we are now in the "Golden Age" of bad dates. In other words, there are more bad dates happening today than in the history of the world. Ever. But its not all bad. 20 years ago, singles complained that it was hard to meet anyone at all. Today its easier to meet someone casually, but do you feel like there's less 'relationship-minded' singles out there? The truth may surprise you:
  1. Quality vs. quantity:  the number of people dating today has definitely increased - which is a good thing. However, the number of singles looking for a relationship has remained about the same, whereas the number of people looking to date 'casually' has increased (largely because of Tinder).
  2. Location matters:  if you're serious about finding a relationship partner, prioritize dating methods where you'll find more 'relationship-minded' singles vs. 'casual daters'. Try meeting people through friends, or at events that interest you (concerts, art galleries, festivals, etc.), or hire a personalized matchmaking service (like Executive Search Dating). Avoid limiting yourself to dating apps or free online dating sites, which are mostly geared towards casual daters.
  3. Get offline:  one you have met someone - through whichever method - spend time with them in person. Avoid lengthy email or online exchanges - real chemistry happens in the real world.
  4. Focus:  avoid dating others once you've met someone you really connect with. If, after seeing that person for a while, you decide they're not what your looking for then you can start dating new people again. Mega-dating will only distract you, and you'll likely miss out on that one 'quality' person that was truly compatible with you.