The dating world has changed in the past 10 years. In some ways for the better. In some ways not so much. A common concern we hear from singles today is this: there are ways to meet people casually these days (ie. online dating and the bar scene); but it can be challenging to meet singles who are looking for a RELATIONSHIP, not just a casual encounter. Here's our take:
  • There are just as many quality, relationship ready singles in Vancouver as there ever were.  Professional matchmaking services such as Executive Search Dating, in fact, have never been busier.
  • Virtually all singles, men and women, reach a stage where they are 'relationship ready' but it doesn't necessarily happen at the same time.
  • If you are 'relationship ready', realize that not all singles who you meet (particularly online or in bars) are looking for something long term.
  • The key is that you and the person you are dating are on the same page: ie. either both wanting something casual or both looking for something long term. After you've been on a few dates and if you feel things are going well, be open to discussing this with your partner if required.
  • Although often overlooked as a match criteria, relationship readiness is in fact one of the most ESSENTIAL components of a successful match and lasting relationship.