In the world of dating & relationships, sometimes its not how you begin, but how you finish. However you think your date went (well, poorly or somewhere in between), your actions at the end of a date can dramatically alter the course of your Love life. So how can you maximize your chances of finding a lasting relationship? Start by asking these 3 simple questions at the end of your date:
  1. Why not?:  first dates often aren't the best time to tell if someone is a great fit for you long term. Yes, you can decide if there's strong physical chemistry or not, but that's actually not the most important success factor of long term relationships. Instead of asking 'why should I see him/her again?', ask 'why shouldn't I see him/her again?' This will lead to more 2nd and 3rd dates, and greatly increase your chances of finding your special someone.
  2. The next step?:  committing to going on more 2nd and 3rd dates is a great idea - that will lead nowhere if you don't take the next step. Be proactive - the best time to ask for a second date is on a first date that's going well. And this is 2015, so men and women should feel equally empowered to do so.
  3. What's my plan?:  success in Love and life comes from having a plan. In other words, think about what your next date looks like. Listen for clues as to what your date likes to do, and things you have in common. If you both like movies, plan a movie date night to check out a show you've both been wanting to see. If you're both active, plan a walk or bike along the seawall. If you're both wine lovers find a bar or restaurant with a great wine selection. Hint: A mediocre strategy with a well thought out plan will often beat a great strategy with a lousy plan.