It is said that you can't create chemistry. But you can kill it. Dating chemistry is not just physical attraction. In fact, its often the 'non-physical' elements of chemistry that are the more long lasting factors. Here are some clues that an unsuccessful date may be saying about your dating approach:
  1. The casual conundrum: Vancouverites are known for their love of casual dress, but this isn't always the best approach on a first date. No, you don't need a tux or a ballgown, but making an effort to look your best for a date is a sign of respect that might just get you a second look.
  2. Be present, or be forgotten: checking your messages, or not paying attention to your date can quickly turn a potential match into a failed date. Giving your date your undivided attention will put you in the best light, and increase the chances that you'll discover more areas of compatibility with them.
  3. Checklist leads to checkout: no-one wants to feel as though they're being interviewed on a date. The reality of dating is that you'll likely not know true compatibility on a first date anyway. Leave the dating checklist at home and focus on having fun on your date, and you'll find yourself going on more second dates and less first dates.
  4. Take the hint: not every date is going to be a perfect match. Don't take it personally if your date isn't as into you as you are in them. A polite follow up phone call or email/text is a polite way to thank your date and ask for a second date. But don't be overly persistent if they don't get back to you. Post date stalking may well stop your date from introducing you to his or her hot friend.
  5. Be the glass half full: being negative on your date, or about your dating life, will soon become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Be positive on your dates, even when the chemistry is not there initially, and you'll find yourself and your dates having more fun. Fun, in fact, can lead to laughter, friendships and, yes, even chemistry.