7 Bad Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Love Life In Victoria

November 29, 2022

Do you ever feel like the dating odds are stacked against you if you’re single in Victoria?

Finding your perfect match seems so random – like a game of chance, or a pure numbers game. You’re awesome, so why is it so hard to find someone equally awesome?

The truth is you might be your own worst enemy – here’s 7 bad habits you need to change (and quick!) to get your love life back on track:

  1. Your routine won’t love you back:  as you get older, you tend to fall into the same old routines – whether that be Netflix at home alone with your cat, or long walks in the park by yourself.  Try inserting a few new routines, ones that involve contact with other people.
  2. Negative Nate/Nelly:  it’s easy to become convinced that there’s no good single men (or women) left in Victoria, and to fill your conversations with such negative talk. This is a classic self-fulfilling prophecy – focusing on the positive will get you far better results.
  3. The dating vicious cycle:  if you’ve been dating for a while you can become frustrated, and start your dates off by venting about it. This will almost certainly ensure that this particular cycle will not only continue, but accelerate.
  4. Fear the known:  its great to have a warm circle of friends & family, and this becomes increasingly important as you get older. But be sure you’re not spending all your time with people you know & love – make time to meet people you don’t yet know, but may grow to love.
  5. The waiting game:  waiting for Mr. or Ms. Right to come walking into your living room is a sure-fire way to ensure your love life will be stuck in a rut. Be proactive, try some new dating methods – hire a matchmaker!
  6. (Don’t) Let it go:  when you’re not happy in your personal life, its tempting to ‘let yourself go’ & not take care of yourself. Try the reverse approach – channel your dating frustration into a renewed focus on your health – you’ll be surprised the effect it will have on you & others.
  7.  Be the person you want to meet:  stop waiting for the right person to come to you and start being that person – take up some new activities, check out a new neighborhood or hot spot, get healthier: In love and in life, likes attract likes.

Adorned with flowers and colonial architecture, Victoria is an adventurer’s paradise. It is a true one-of-a-kindland on the Pacific coast, where you are meant to find your one and only, forever love. Since 2004, our dedicated Victoria Matchmakers have helped busy singles and professionals fall in love. Now it’s your turn.