The Dating world is chock full of truths, half truths, supposed truths, and non-truths... here are a few of the most important dating FACTS and MYTHS:
  • Dating MYTH #1: You must feel immediate chemistry with someone and must know by the end of the first date whether you are 'meant to be together'!
  • Dating FACT #1: Second or third dates are a much better time to establish whether you have true chemistry AND compatibility with someone.
  • Dating MYTH #2: Chemistry is purely physical and based solely on someones physical looks.
  • Dating FACT #2: Although physical appearance is an important component of initial chemistry, other factors such as personality, sense of humour and intelligence also play a role in creating chemistry... in fact, these latter elements are even more important in establishing long term chemistry.
  • Dating MYTH #3: If you find someone physically attractive then the chemistry will always be there.
  • Dating FACT #3: If you connect with someone purely based on physical attraction, the chemistry you initially feel can wear off over time unless you have other things which connect you.  Ideally you need to have physical attraction TOGETHER with other areas of compatibility to create long lasting chemistry, or even chemistry which can INCREASE over time.