Actions - in life and in love - speak louder than words. Your "Dating Style" may speak louder than both. The proliferation of online dating sites and dating apps means Vancouver singles are dating more than ever - but there's a catch: online dating makes it EASIER to go on dates, but also HARDER to really connect with someone based only on photos or online profiles (which may or may not be accurate). In this new world of dating, it's your "Dating Style" that shows your true self. Here's how to make sure it's a winner:
  1. Mega-dater:  a common phenomenon in today's hyper-connected dating world, a Mega-dater plays the 'volume dating' game. The more dates the better - figuring that you're bound to meet someone eventually and you might as well have some fun along the way.  This typically means you're not truly 'relationship-minded' and probably just looking for something casual.
  2. Never-dater:  on the opposite side of the spectrum is not dating at all. Although this might sound like you're being selective, what it really means is that your chances of meeting someone special are very slim. When you finally do go on a date, it'll likely feel awkward and strange.  If you're in this category, you're not yet ready to break free from your dating comfort zone and so are probably not truly ready to meet someone special.
  3. Checklist-dater:  if you go on dates armed with a long checklist of criteria you're looking for in someone, you fall into this category. Having criteria is normal, but when your checklist is long it tends to turn dates into interviews. Singles in this category are typically relationship-minded, but will find it hard to really connect on dates.
  4. Positive-dater:  singles in this category turn a typical negative dating approach (what can you do for me) into a positive one (how can I make this date as enjoyable as possible for both of us). They typically do some screening of matches before meeting them (or hire a professional matchmaking service to do it for them), but not to the extent that they never go on dates. They look at each date as a chance to connect with someone new, and go on first dates with a '2nd date mindset' - ie. unless the first date is a complete flop, they make an effort to see someone a second or third time to truly get to know them. Positive daters are also open to making friends with dates that don't turn into romantic connections.
If you're looking for a relationship, your best dating approach (by far) is #4, followed by #3, then #1, then #2.