In life & love, your success is based on the choices you make. This year, choose happiness. Make some simple but powerful changes to your dating approach in 2021, and make your single life a thing of the past. Here’s 7 steps to make that happen: 1. Hire a professional:  now - more than ever - hiring a professional matchmaking service like Executive Search Dating to find your special someone makes sense.  Screening, date arranging, personalized feedback & fine tuning your match criteria - if ever there was a time to pick quality 'relationship ready' matches over endless swiping, 2021 is it. 2. Forget the past and don’t stress about the future:  the past is gone, and its not coming back. Focus on your dating present & future - and take every opportunity to connect with someone new & interesting. Life is best shared with someone special: make it happen in 2021. 3. Mix it up:  who said dating has to stay the same? In fact, doing the same ‘ole things and expecting different results is a recipe for frustration; try something new - ditch the dating apps & hire a matchmaker! - you've nothing to lose but your single life. 4. Be the person you want to meet:  in the world of matchmaking, likes often attract likes. Seek out activities and interests where you will find like minded people and your chances of meeting someone special will increase - it'll also give you something fun & exciting to talk about on your date. 5. Be positive:  everyone wants to be with someone positive and fun. Practice your smile, and avoid negative topics once you have met someone new and interesting. 6. Be proactive:  good things in life don’t necessarily come to those that wait. Putting yourself out there and meeting some new people is an essential element of finding someone special. 7. Be flexible:  you might be totally cool with an adventurous first date, but your date partner may not be. Be open to starting slow (and different); an initial phone call or video chat can help you get to know each other before making plans to meet in person. Finding the relationship of your dreams is worth investing your time in.