Sometimes dating sucks. Particularly if you're ready for a relationship but can't seem to meet the right type of person. Or when you do meet someone you connect with, they don't feel the same way. So, what to do? The best approach is to use a combination of 'old school' methods and 'new school' methods to meet your special someone. Here's how:
  1. Be limitless: regardless of which method you are using to meet new people, it's unwise to limit yourself to just one method. If you've been online dating exclusively, be sure to get out and meet people in person, attend some singles events, or hire a professional matchmaking service.
  2. Mix it up: to avoid dating burnout, don't feel like you have to try all methods at the same time! If online dating hasn't been working for you, try some other methods for a while. You can always get back online in the future when you're feeling more refreshed.
  3. People skills: always remember this - people aren't profiles, they're people. In today's online 'always connected' world, avoid falling prey to the mistaken impression that you can judge someone by their photo or profile. Real chemistry only happens in the real world. That's been true for the past million years, and it will be true for the next million years too. Be sure you're spending quality time with real people, for friendship, romance or otherwise.
  4. Be that special person you're looking for: if you're looking for someone positive, together, fun and engaging, be sure you're putting out those signals when you do meet someone new. Ultimately, people want to connect with someone like-minded.
  5. Opposites don't attract: in spite of what you've heard, meeting someone who's completely different from you (even if there's great physical chemistry) is not the best way to find a long term relationship partner. Professional matchmakers will tell you this: your best chance of creating a lasting relationship is to connect with singles with whom you share important qualities with.